Karearea Talon v2 – Pasti

July 15, 2020

This is the build of the latest release from Karearea Drones, the Talon v2. A fully molded plastic frame and extremely durable in crashes.

This frame looks and feels sturdy and its also a really nice frame to work with. There is plenty of stack room for a 20×20 stack with good height, and the POD screws are very easily accessible from the outside which makes removing the POD super easy! Antenna placement is clean and out of the way. In this build I stuck with the stock Linear antenna that is provided with the TBS Unify Nano Pro 32, but I recommend using a AXII as they fit really well on this frame.

With a price tag of only $58USD, this is a pretty cheap frame for what you get. Weighing in at only 325 grams AUW, its not bad on the weight side either.

I hot glued some press nuts on the inside where the canopy screws to the frame so that when the POD is removed, the nuts and kept in place! This makes removing the POD in the field super easy and fast!

The frame feels extremely light in the air and corners amazingly. It has great flight charastics and feels very nimble and strong.

A little tip is to install press nuts for the Pod. I have installed press nuts for the stack and also for the Pod. This makes taking the pod off easy without loosing the standoffs or any nuts. I will also screw my stack from the top down for this build hence the press nuts for the stack.

It is claimed that the standoffs in place of the press nuts help with durability, however I have had no issues running it this way yet and has worked out really well for removing the canopy in field quickly and easily.

Pre Build Advice

I would recommend being creative with the way you run the motors wires. Be careful that they do not sit too close to the canopy screws or removing the canopy screws can become and pain, and you can damage the motor wires when the screw is removed if they are in the way,

Do not rely on the outer tabs for your battery strap support, run your battery strap underneath the stack and then through the slots. This allows the frame to take then entire force of the battery strap, rather then relying on just the outer tabs which will and have broken before.

When using the TBS Crossfire Race antenna, they fit really well in the top of the pod. Makes for clean placement and a very tidy build.

I tend to flip my camera upside down so the plug is at the bottom, this means that it is well clear of the stack. In a heavy impact crash, the camera can tilt up to about degrees and if you plug protrudes over the stack, it will damage either the stack or the camera plug.

FrameKarearea Talon v2
Flight ControllerHeliNation F7 20×20
MotorsKarearea TOA 2306 2450kv
Video TransmitterTBS Unify Nano 32
ESCPyro 20×20 32bit 4S-6S
ReceiverFrSky RXSR
PropsAzure 5148
LEDsRGB RaceLiteWire
CameraCaddx Ratel
Parts List

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