Karearea Talon SVX

June 11, 2019

This custom build Karearea Talon is one of a kind! The custom made POD allows for added camera protection and an overall better look! The original POD was designed for the Karearea Talon PR and has been modified to fit the Talon SVX, with some added modification such as seating the camera further back for added protected, a whole for mounting a AXII stubby and reduced some of the rear of the fin to allow more room for mounting the antenna. The biggest challenge was the props hitting the front of the POD.

Rocking a TBS Unify Pro and some powerful F-Motor F40 Pro 2600kv motors, this thing has plenty of power! Less top end but definitely more pickup.

  • Karearea Talon SVX Frame Kit
  • TBS Mini Race wire
  • AikonF4 4in1 ESC running latest BLHeli bi-directional release
  • Xracer F4 Flight Controller running BF4.0.2
  • FrSky RXSR Receiver
  • Lumineer AXII Anteanna
  • Foxeer Arrow Mini Pro FPV Camera

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