Lock down Hydrodip

April 3, 2020

During the lock down, I decided to strip the Attitude V5 goggles and dip them as I had some film and activator left over. I will outline the process from start to finish, including prep, dipping and finally applying the 2K clear coat.

Lets start with prep. I sanded the goggles back completely and started applying my primer. The paints i’m using throughout this process are Rustoleum series paints as these tend to have the best result for the film to bond too. I am using old film and this will be challenging to get a perfect dip, but what the hell! I need something to do. The following article is based on my experience with water transfer dipping.


Sand back the the goggle casings completely.

Now, we are ready for our first coat of primer. I used a Rustoleum white primer but any etch primer will be fine. You want to apply primer in very light coats, and apply about 3 – 4 coats.

Also, when working with top and bottom parts of the goggles, be careful not to clog up the holes for the buttons and IPD adjustments. I used a screw driver and some P120 sand paper and kept giving them a sand to make sure they were clear. You don’t want to put everything together and nothing works.

After you’ve done priming, you are ready to apply a base coat. If you have film with transparency, it is a good idea to choose a color that will work well with your film. The base coat is what we will dip with. So the film will be applied directly to the base coat. You want a clean, smooth consistent finish for the base coat, this usually means again, apply a few coats. Base coat, sand with P320 and another base coat until the final spray is smooth and flawless.

Remember the ultimate painting tip. Too little is better then too much! You do not want your paint to run. Do light coats and do 50 if you need to!

It is best to dip when the paint is dry, but not too dry. You do not want the paint to fully cure before dipping as this will make it harder for the film to bond nicely to the paint. I usually wait around 20 – 30 minutes after my final base coat before dipping.

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  • Looks awesome! I want to give it a go. What are you using a clear coat and what have you found produce the best results for clear coating?

    ethgaratis November 19, 2020 2:03 pm
    • Thanks mate! I found definitely the 2K clear coats are the best by far! Best finish and best protection just a pain in the ass as you need to reduce and they are a 2 part mix. I suggest using a proper 2k clear coat and a spray gun rather then anything in a can! Grab something from your local automotive shop 🙂 Good luck!

      deanfourie November 19, 2020 2:25 pm

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