Beta 75HD 3S Whoop

July 16, 2020

This is one slick little mini quad! The Beta 75 HD with a price tag of around $400NZD is not cheap, but it was worth the moolah!

I ended up pulling out the Caddx Turtle v2 and just putting in a Caddx Ratel camera straight to the VTX as im sure we all know how reliable those Caddx turtles are ;). Since doing that this little bad boy has been such a fun quad to own!

The range is the next thing. This thing can hit 1km on 200mw which is insane! The video by far outlasts the battery and its crystal clear with very little to no break up even 1km out. With smart audio, changing channels is a breeze and add the Caddx Ratel on top of that, which is a seriously awesome camera in both high and low light conditions, this thing is just a must have in the world of whoops!

As for performance, the speed is pretty good too! It really packs a punch on 3S and is pretty tame on 2S. I would definitely recommend 2S for indoor flight as 3S is far to aggressive. The frame is sturdy and holds up well in crashes, I have not yet had to replace the frame or any other parts other then the motors.

Now for the motors. Ive broken a few motor shafts in some pretty light crashes! I am considering replacing the motors with a new set, but when paying $400 for a quad like this, replacing the motors is just not something you should have to do! Nor should I have to be removing the Caddx Turtle which is what pushed the price tag up there!

Overall, this quad is awesome! Its not worth $400 especially when you remove the Caddx turtle and replace it with a analog camera, but in my opinion the Caddx Ratel is the closest thing to HD that a analog camera can produce! If you can pick one of these bad boys up cheap second hand, then they are awesome little birds and heaps of fun both indoor and in the field.

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