DJI F550 With Retracts and H3-3D Lightbridge

July 16, 2018

This rig was built purely for aerial filming, with a 3 axis gopro gimbal and dual camera control allowing a camera operator to control the camera separately from the the pilot. A Retractable landing gear gave 360 degrees of unobstructed field of view along with a DJI Lightbridge for full 1080p HD video downlink. This was a super stable build and took some seriously nice footage.

With a 15 minute flight time, the E300 propulsion system was noticeably different in terms of efficiency and performance combined with the DJI props. The Lightbridge HD downlink allowed for seriously clear full HD video and operated at a range of roughly 3KM with little to no video breakup which also includes the option of integrating the RC link as well as video link over a single transmission.

As for the retracts on this bad boy, I cannot remember where I purchased them, but they were SICK! They really allowed for a clear, unobstructed 360 degree view, and really made the 3axis gimbal usable. The ability to sit dead still in GPS mode and just YAW the camera 360 degrees made for super stable, smooth and controlled footage. Another thing worth mentioning that made these retracts stand out from others was the included H3-3D gimbal mounting solution. This made it super simple and clean to mount the gimbal.

So if someone knows where to get this landing gear, drop me a line and ill throw up a link for others!


  • DJI F550 Hexacopter

  • DJI Naza M v2

  • DJI E300 Propelsion System

  • DJI Lightbridge

  • DJI H3-3D

  • ImmersionRC UHF Link

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  • Bro this is sweet. I should get you to build me something

    Tibby December 1, 2018 9:32 pm

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