Armattan Marmotte Freestyle Build

June 25, 2018

The Armattan Marmotte is one of Armattan’s newest 5 inch freestyle frames! And this thing seriously fly’s as well as it looks!

Of course, backing it is Armattan’s flagship lifetime warranty which, is pretty nice just knowing that if and when you break it, there’s a free replacement just around the corner! But, that’s not why I chose this frame!

I have flown the Armattan Chameleon in the past and have a previous post on that build here. I chose the Marmotte because Armattan know how to design a frame, and when you fly this thing, you will know what I mean.

So, its hard to explain, but something about this frame just gets you hooked. The flight characteristics are just super nice compared to many other frames I have flown and im not sure why, or what it is but it feels so smooth and locked in!

The adjustable TI front cage allows easy angle adjustments for both HD camera and fpv camera, and is way smaller then on the previous flagship Armattan builds, and only allows for a Mini camera or custom mounted micro camera. It is a super simple and clean frame to assemble and the quality is outstanding!

On this build:

  • Armattan Marmotte 5″ Frame
  • Rush Tank VTX (25, 100, 200, 800mw)
  • Helio Spring AIO
  • Foxeer Falkor Mini 1200TVL Cam
  • Crossfire Micro Diversity RX
  • 4x Speedix GS35A ESCs
  • 4x 2207-2450kv Karearea TOA

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  • clean build man looking good

    Tibby April 10, 2019 7:47 pm

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