RPi5 LineageOS Android Head Unit

June 3, 2024


The idea came up when I purchased a new 2013 Toyota Corolla, I noticed it did not have a temperature gauge and I was not comfortable with this. My idea was to create a digital dashboard to display the engine temperature via the OBD2 data port. Additionally to this, the idea of just having google maps always handy and ready to use without having to use my phone, led me to this project.

This definitely was not easy, and took a lot of trial and error to get this nailed down. Some of the biggest struggles were finding a DAC capabile to output the required power to power 4 speakers, where I ended up having to use a 3rd party amplifier. I was also concerned about how I would power down and power up the PI without corrupting the SD Card, however this build of LineageOS for the PI uses a read-only filesystem which means you can just power it on and off as many times as you like, in any state, and no damage will occur, this meant as big problem, and possibly the one and only problem that was make or break for this entire project, was no longer an issue.

Main Features

  • Digital Dashboard using OBD2 over Bluetooth
  • Full navigation using Google Maps and USB GPS
  • Ability to power down by cutting power without damaging MicroSD (no shutdown required)
  • Youtube Music (or any android compatible music app)
  • Homeassistant

Working and Tested

  • Bluetooth (OBD2 Connectivity)
  • Ethernet
  • GPS (for use with Maps)
  • DAC Audio + Amplifier (for everything sound)
  • Google apps and Play Store (all apps supported, no restrictions)
  • Remote Controls (steering wheel)

Not Working

  • Hands Free (phone)
  • Remote Controls (steering wheel)
  • Reversing Camera


  • KonstaKang – Porting LineageOS to the Raspberry PI 5

Parts List

This is the list of parts I used, other parts could be used or compatible but I cannot guarantee compatibility.

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