Police Lights

July 16, 2018

These bad boys were built using the high stop light from a car, already shaped to the window angle, they were perfect. I drilled each corner and installed 4 suction cups on each one, making them easily removable, and powered via 12v, they plugged straight into the cigarette lighter socket.

The flasher unit is a ARM7 LPC2148 micro-controller programmed with the different flash patterns and then installed into a custom box purchased from jaycar. For the blue light, I removed all LEDs from the board and re soldered blue ones. This was a very early project and so I have no pictures or documentation.

Had some serious fun and close calls with these bad boys haha! I actually ended up selling these to a guy who had an original NZ police siren.

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  • LOL bad ass

    Tibby December 1, 2018 9:33 pm Reply

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