Fatshark FAN & Switch Mod

October 17, 2019

My fatshark attitudes ran started to die, and to be honest the stock fan never really fan all that well to begin with so I decided to upgrade it with a high RPM fan, and this thing is super loud but very effective!

The 25x25x10mm high RPM fan is designed for RC cars ESC cooling running on 5 – 7v which makes it perfect for running on a 2S fatshark battery!

While I was at it, I added a DC jack with a rocker switch which saves the barrel plug from being constantly unplugged. I usually use the ImmersionRC Smart Cable but I have run into a few issues with it just randomly powering down which made me loose a lot of trust in it. So I abandoned it for long range and freestyle and just stuck to the stock fatshark batteries for any high risk flying for less chance of failure.

My attitudes have a aftermarket face plate fitted, and they needed some holes drilled in the casing to get the fan cables routed correctly.

Also, the switch doesn’t fit all that well on the attitudes. The attitudes casing is significantly smaller and with a more rounded profile then the other fatshark models but on the HD3, HDO’s and other models this switch is a perfect fit but also requires some modification to the fatshark shell.

25mm x 10mm ESC fan – with dual ball bearings

2.1mm PC Mount DC Socket with SPST Rocker Switch

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